Events and seminars

We offer our members a number of different ways to find out and improve their finances including super, retirement and aged care

Types of seminars

Retirement planning

How much retirement income will I need? How do I increase my retirement savings? Get the answers you need.

Aged care planning

When you start to consider aged care for you or your loved ones we can help you navigate the complexity and the cost.

Take control of your super

Want to take control of your super? Confused by the technical terms? We are here to help.

Transition to Retirement

What are the rules for transition to retirement? Am I on the right track?

Retirement planning and Aged care planning

A combination presentation where you kind find out strategies for planning for retirement and we also discuss navigating the complexity and the cost of aged care.


What type of insurance cover can I get through my super? What will it cost me?

Upcoming seminars

Arrange a no cost initial discussion so you can work towards a secure financial future